My little getaway

Over the past couple of days, I revisited the online game I used to be obsesssssed with. From grade 6 to university year 1, my life was completely absorbed by this gaming world. 

I was extremely shy growing up, still am heh, but in this game I could be..myself. I could walk around, meet new people, say whatever I want, and be happy about it, not really caring about what anyone thought bc no one knew me. It was more my life than my actual life. 

The game showed me the essentials of life – how to cook, what mining was, the tools needed for fishing, etc. It introduced me to an actual long lasting friend who has been more of my friend than anyone I know in the ~real world~. It caused me heartache as I got too close to someone who hurt me. It showed me how people leave, how to let go. 

I honestly miss it so much, miss the feeling of escaping. But it’s always there. Not exactly how it was, but still there. <3

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