3 ways to spice up any outfit 

Sometimes, dressing up is too difficult. Heading out for that 9-5 job becomes stressful because you want to look professional, but don’t want to be too dressed up, because you want to be comfortable, etc. etc. I’m going to share with you 3 ways I spice up my outfits.

  1. Wear a watch.  This kind of just adds the illusion that you have your life together, when you might not, aka the perfect addition for me. I got my watch from Charming Charlie for around $18. It’s wearing out a bit, but I still love it. It actually used to be silver, but it’s faded into this rose gold-ish color, and I’m not too upset about that. Hehe.
  2. Throw on some dainty rings.  I love the look of simple jewelry on my fingers. I feel like it’s a classy and cute addition that kind of makes a professional look more cute, and a casual look more professional. I usually wear like 5 rings at a time.
  3. Scarves for the win.  If anyone knows me, they would know I’m scarf queen because I literally have like 21 scarves. Scarves are theeee best when it comes to spicing up an outfit. Take a plain sweater, pair it with a scarf, put on some solid-colored pants, and you’re literally set. I feel like scarves can save you from having to wear a collared/more professional shirt. I’m pretty sure I wear this scarf 4/7 days a week. No judgement, okay.

I hope these tips help! I’d like to start some favorites, fashion, and makeup posts on my blog. Be on the look out for those. :) <3 xo. 

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