Cocoa & coloring

Coffee shops, pictionary, and a night of music and dance. This was my Saturday. ^.^

Okay. So. Yesterday, Saturday 2/25, was chill-ish, new, and fun. I started off the day at a new coffee shop in town.

Normally, we don’t really enjoy the food or drinks at hipster-ish coffee shops, but we go for the aesthetic. (correction: I beg to go). We got hot chocolate – we don’t like coffee. It was oh so good. We also wanted a turtle crepe, or something. It was good too, though I’m not a huge fan of caramel. The vibes were more relaxed than other hipster-ish coffee shops, which I appreciated.

Afterwards, we went to a cozier spot and played our own little version of pictionary. I love simple games like that.

Finally, we spent the rest of the night enjoying Mediterranean food, Bollywood-American fusion dance and music, and my favorite online game.

What a lovely day. ^.^


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