February favorites 

Hi guys! Can you believe February is already over? (The most cliched entry to any monthly favorites post, sorry hehe). I thought I’d share some of my favorite items I’ve been loving this month. 

  • My ring with heart detailing. How cute, simple, and dainty is this ring? This is from Amazon and I’m adding it to my collection of little rings. 

  • 2017 daily planner. In January, I was on a hunt to find a modest-sized planner with enough room to write in. I don’t like the huge/wide ones because they take up too much space in my bag. Then, I found this one at Target! It’s everything I was looking for in a planner, hehe. And how cute is the front. 
  • Sharpie pen. I have it sitting on my planner in the photo, but truthfully I prefer it when doodling my henna designs. It has a medium tip, so it’s not too thick, not too thin. 

  • Vitamin C age defying serum. You guys. K, so let me start by saying, I was pretty doubtful of this, as I am of pretty much everything, but after a few months of using this, I feel like I’m starting to see results. This age defying serum is mainly to be used for fading of sun spots, refining skin texture, and to reduce wrinkle formation. I have sensitive skin, and have been looking for something that’ll help reduce my acne scarring. I feel like this really is working. My red spots aren’t as red anymore and I feel that my face has gotten smoother. Of course, I have also improved my water intake and diet, but I do think this is playing a factor. 

  • Under the Covers by Jess and Gabriel. Words can’t begin to describe my appreciation for Jess & Gabe Conte. I found their Instagrams a few months ago, and then their vlog channel, and instantly fell in love. ^.^ they’re sweet, God-loving individuals with lovely voices. Their recent album is so good. 
  • PINK: Warm & Cozy Body Spray. Mmk, so I have a ton of Victoria’s Secret/PINK scents. I have a collection of perfumes and (way too many) body sprays. My favorite body spray of them all has been warm and cozy. It’s the sweetest, vanilla-y, fruity scent eveeeer and I just love it. 

Those are my February favorites! Let me know of your favorites in the comments, if you wish. I’d love to hear. (:

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