That dough, doe

Oookay I dunno what that title was about. Anyways. Just wanted to document another lovely weekend. On Saturday, I visited a cute little bakery coffee place thingy, called Rustica. I saw pictures of it on Instagram, saw the aesthetic-ness, and obvi I was like, let’s go. That’s exactly how it went k. But yesssss. This place! Here are some pics.

The entrance. I love. It’s like a little house with a bit of class. I dunno. It’s just cute. If it wasn’t so cold, it would’ve been cute to sit outside.

The lights and literal rustic vibes. Adorbs. Check out that woman with that aesthetic shopping bag. Yas girl work.

Food, the most impt part. These were unique looking crossaints. Mine was almond something, and the other was apricot cream cheese. Weirdly good. And look at that butter! It’s like a little candy thing. We also ordered a cookies n cream shake, just to.. shake things up. *runs away*

But yes. It was a lovely experience, besides the weird man who kept staring at us.

Afterwards, we went grocery shopping at my fave grocery store, Trader Joe’s. Got some good stuff, as usual. Then! We decided to see Get Out in theatres. It was one of the most unique movies I’ve seen, that’s for sure. I would go into a full-blown movie review, but tbh, I don’t have much to say. 6.5/10 is what I’d rate it.

We finished off the night with pho and hot chocolate. It was a relaxing and warm night despite how cold it was out there.

Until next time. (:

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