How I clean my makeup brushes 

If you follow me on my Instagram, you might’ve seen my post about the disgustingness that was in my beauty blender + makeup brushes. Gonna be honest here and admit that I’ve never cleaned my beauty blender before, and very rarely clean my brushes either! Ew, right. After experimenting with my little cleaning method, I was able to get prettyyy much all of the makeup out – from what my eyes could see, of course. c:


Here are the main lil bad boys I use to apply makeup. Makeup appliers that have not been cleaned can easily cause gunk build-up on your skin. Most of us know this, but are probably lazy. Or that’s just me. Mmk. Anyways. I’ve seen products out there with tons of chemicals that people use to clean their brushes and stuff. I like to avoid chemicals as much as possible, especially when it comes to anything I’m applying to my face. So, here’s what I did:

  1. Wash your hands. Make sure you’ve throughouhly cleaned them, since you don’t want dirt in your way as you clean your makeup appliers.
  2. Coconut oil, a.ka. God’s gift to earth. Take some of the coconut oil and warm it up by rubbing it through your fingers, just so that it’s not chunky. Spread it over the areas of the makeup appliers you’d like to clean.
  3. Apply hand soap on top of the oil. I tried to find a soap with the least amount of harmful ingredients I could find, so I used this coconut ginger soap from Target’s up & up line. Mix the soap into the coconut oil on your beauty blender/brush.
  4. Run under warm water and squeeze. You’ll start to see the grossness flow right out.
  5. Repeat process a few times. Mainly until the water that flows out of your squeezing hands (k that sounds weird) is clear.

That’s it. I promise it doesn’t take too much time. And of course, it’s worth it. Clean face = clean life. Happy cleaning.


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