How to relax: 3 ideas

Hello, hello! Today I thought I’d share 3 ideas on how to relax. We all need some r&r now and then. But here’s a thought: are we fully relaxing when it comes time to do so? Most of us still stay connected to our phones when we’re taking time to relax. And that’s okay – staying connected to social media makes us feel connected with the world at times. But, I find myself never fully letting my brain take a rest when I have my phone in my hand 24/7. Soooo, here’s some ideas I came up with to try and get better rest.

  1. Purchase/rent paper versions of books rather than e-books. When the idea of e-books first came about, I was like yuuus, this is easy. I can just download a book and take it on the go with me without adding any extra pounds to my backpack. Soon I slowly started getting headaches and started feeling a strain on my eyes. Not to mention, the constant notifications at the top of the screen were hella distracting. (I’m so cool right I get so many notifications bc I’m so popular lol jk I get like 2 a day.) Anyways, yeah. To fully get that comforting feeling that comes with diving into a story, I find that paper versions are best, whenever possible.

2. Create a comforting environment/relaxation nook. This sounds lame and probably said before, but add anything to your environment that makes you feel calm. Comfy, fluffy pillows, blankets, candles, lights, etc. Whatever makes you feel calm. Place it in a little corner of your house somewhere, and know that when you enter that space, you’re allowed to let yourself rest. Try and disconnect from your phone as well. (I say this but I’m fake af bc I probably won’t do that lol.)

3. Be fully present with your favorite tasks. Like to watch The Office? Try and fully pay attention to the show as you watch, putting your phone on mute for a bit. Like to eat? Fully focus on the meal in front of you, chewing slowly, etc. How often do we get distracted while doing something we actually like, and forget to fully enjoy it? Focusing in on your favorite things to do might make you feel a greater sense of peace.

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